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    There are quite a few ways on how you can earn EXP quickly in the game. If you’re a player, the best way would be to clear through the story quests first.
    These MapleStory 2 Mesos missions provide a good amount of EXP along with some useful items as rewards. Doing story quests is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the game.
    Otherwise, you could always turn to side quests for some extra experience points instead. You’ll see if an NPC has a side quest if they have a blue exclamation point above their head.
    If doing quests really isn’t your thing, you can also grind by taking on hordes. There are certain areas in maps where enemies will continue to spawn no matter how many times to defeat them. You can pretty much stay in that area and fend off enough enemies until you reach a certain level.
    If you are not satisfied enough with the amount of currencies you have been rewarded with from dungeons, quests, Markets, Vendors, including Mesos, Merets, Onyx Crystals, Treva, Rue, Havi Fruit, Blue/Red Stars etc, there is a special place for you to pay a visit and benefit from - MMOAH. It has been dedicated to the MS 2 Mesos' transactions for months since the game had been released. And Prove himself as one of the best sellers in the industry when it comes to the cheapest and most secured MS 2 Mesos, Onyx Crystals and corelative items, plus power leveling. Not only did appeal to the products thousands of players placing their orders on the website, but got intrigued more of them its service and delivery lines and won against other companies.
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